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Bug reports

If you experience any bug during your exploration, please add it to the issue tracker. You can also send an email at barth.paleologue@cosmosjourneyer.com. Sending screenshots and save files can help enormously with the debugging process.


Translating Cosmos Journeyer makes it accessible to more people around the world! You don't need coding skills, only proficiency in a language not currently supported or that can be enhanced. You can access the translation guide here.

Know how to code?

Cosmos Journeyer is an open-source project which means anyone can help build it! Why not you?
You can check out the repository of the project for more details. Please take a look at the contributing guidelines before starting to code for Cosmos Journeyer.

Support financially

Building Cosmos Journeyer takes a lot of time and effort and yet is free for everyone. If you want to support the project financially, you can do so on Ko-fi. Any amount is greatly appreciated and will help me keep working on Cosmos Journeyer.



Created by Barthélemy Paléologue

Webpack configuration & Refactorings by Martin Molli

Built with BabylonJS and its awesome forum

Star colors made using John Walker's "Colour Rendering of Spectra"

Black hole shader based on set111 implementation on shadertoy

Lens flare shader based on TheNosiriN implementation on shadertoy

Fractal raymarching based on Nazlbit's implementation and Myro's implementation on shadertoy


Nasalization font by Typodermic Fonts


Wandering by Andrewkn

Sound effects

Menu screen mouse over by DrMinky

DISTORZIONE by lollosound

Large Engine by NHumphrey

Futuristic Inspect Sound, UI, or In-Game Notification by MATRIXXX_

endless acceleration by Timbre

Rocket Thrust effect by LimitSnap_Creations


Hello fellow explorer!\n I am the creator of Cosmos Journeyer, and I am glad you're interested in this project. It was years in the making you see: back in 2016 already, when I was working on my 3D planetarium, I dreamed about making the planets fully explorable. But then I was limited by how little I knew about computer graphics.\n \n I only started Cosmos Journeyer years later as a way to escape from the stress of my studies in French "classes préparatoires". At first, it was only a small procedural planet generator, which was called PlanetEngine. But as ideas kept on coming, I continued working on it for years and the project grew way beyond what I had imagined at first.\n \n As I understand now that such projects cannot be achieved alone, I decided to open-source Cosmos Journeyer so that anyone could freely use and modify it to their liking and even contribute to the project.\n \n I hope you will enjoy Cosmos Journeyer as much as I enjoy making it!

Barthélemy Paléologue

If you have any question about Cosmos Journeyer, feel free to contact me atbarth.paleologue@cosmosjourneyer.com