Procedural Space Stations #2

Comfortable artificial gravity

 Posted on June 14, 2024  |  10 minutes  |  1999 words  |  Barthélemy Paléologue

Hello again! This is the 2nd post of the procedural space station series aiming at creating realistic space station for Cosmos Journeyer through the awesome power of science! The previous post about energy is not required to understand this one, but you can read it here if you are interested. In the previous article, we created a model for the surface of solar panels needed to power our space stations. But we also need to create habitable sections where people will live their life in comfort, just like you are doing right now I hope ^^ (make yourself at ease! [Read More]

Procedural Space Stations #1

Modelling solar panel surface from energy requirements

 Posted on June 2, 2024  |  8 minutes  |  1697 words  |  Barthélemy Paléologue

How can we create realistic looking space stations? How to make them feel grounded and functional? That’s what I want to explore it this series of blog posts while developing the new space stations for Cosmos Journeyer. Here is a sneak peak: View from Cosmos Journeyer's space station In this first one, we will talk about solar panels. They are an iconic part of the look of space stations: from Mir to the ISS, and Tiangong to the upcoming Lunar Gateway, they all have them! [Read More]