Ocean Simulation with FFT and WebGPU

Jerry Tessendorf's ocean simulation meets Tri-planar mapping

 Posted on March 20, 2024  |  16 minutes  |  3250 words  |  Barthélémy Paleologue

Introduction It’s been a few month since I started pondering making a better ocean for Cosmos Journeyer’s procedural planets. To have actual waves moving around and not just a scrolling normal maps would make a significant difference in visual quality. Coincidentally, I was also taking a course on computer animation (INF585) at Ecole Polytechnique, and I had the opportunity to choose my final project. Long stroy short, I decided to implement Jerry Tessendorf’s FFT-based ocean simulation on WebGPU, and this is my project report. [Read More]

Soft body simulation with HXPBD

HPBD meets XPBD for real-time simulations

 Posted on February 10, 2024  |  21 minutes  |  4301 words  |  Barthélemy Paléologue

I have been making a soft body simulation in C++ for my IMA904/IG3DA class at Telecom Paris, and I thought I could share my project report here! This one is quite light on the implementation details and is more focused on the high level ideas. I added many example videos from the original report to make it more interesting to read! Anyway, here is what you can expect from this article: [Read More]